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instinct edition #6 _ MACHO?

There is no simple way of defining it and it’s never been more controversial. MACHO is something we all recognize instantly. 
What does MACHO mean in the context of the 21st century and our new understandings of gender? 
Is there a place between embrace and rejection where we can take a more subtle stance than simply love or hate, attack or defence? 
Can we create a shared space to play creatively with an iconic behavioural and visual component of our collective cultural history? 

instinct #6 - MACHO? is a playground for both artist and observer to examine their feelings about maleness, masculinity, and machismo.

a collective exhibition by

Johnny Abbate >>
Aaron Cobbett >>

Amit Elan >>

Constantin Hartenstein >>
Yu-Liang Liu >>
Marc Martin >>
Namy Nosratifard >>
Pola Sieverding >>
Lee Wagstaff >>

Friday September 7

vernissage 6pm
• performance
Adjust, a creation of Constantin Hartenstein, by Jos McKain, Jorge De Hoyos Jr, Bendik Giske

Saturday September 8

• open to the public 2pm to 8pm

Artist Talk, 5 pm (list of the artists to be confirmed)

Sunday September 9

• open to the public 2pm to 8pm

Monday September 10

• private viewing on appointment, 10am to 1pm

• finissage 8pm

Viewing also by appointment:

+49 174 33 255 33


instinct at

Kurfürstenstraße 31/32
10785 Berlin

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