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What is community, and why is it important?

What are the impacts a community can have on our society and the world beyond? 

What is the position of queer identities and the concept of safe spaces and social gatherings in times of global shift and transition?

How can communities help to support the loneliness imposed by our current way of life and to escape the unique choice of sexual and festive socialization?

What is the power of a space for freedom and creativity to initiate deeper change in our society and Increase acceptance and visibility to our fellows?

How can community-based centers develop a new form of the healing process? 

How could communities connect together and support each other sharing experiences, resources and talents?


Following such fundamental questions, we would like to invite the visitors for our exhibition titled “the role of community".


A supportive community gives a strong sense of self-identity and brings a person security in their daily life.  Simultaneously, communities can also be invaluable sources of support, particularly for finding and connecting with others going through similar experiences

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a collective exhibition by


Yoav Admoni

Kewin Bo

Kevin Bright

Mike D'hondt

Soufia Erfanian


Nathan French

Daviz Garcia Garcia

Tirdad Hashemi     


Joachim Perez

Daan van Kampenhout

Tony Whitfield

Thursday 14 April
• vernissage 6pm

• performance by Joachim Perez 8pm 
• please be aware of the current hygiene measures

Friday 15 April
• open to the public 2pm to 8pm

Saturday 16 April
• open to the public 2pm to 8pm
• Artist Talk, 17:00
(list of the artists to be confirmed)

Sunday 17 April
• open to the public 2pm to 8pm

Tuesday 19 Saturday 23 April
• open to the public 12am to 6pm

Saturday 23 April

• open to the public 12am to 6pm

• finissage 7pm


Friday 27 May
• performance Kevin Bo 10pm

Viewing also by appointment:

+49 174 33 255 33


instinct at

Kurfürstenstraße 31/32
10785 Berlin

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