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instinct edition #3

Transformation and the Masculine

a collective show by

Rudi Bleys
Liam Cole
Arthur Gillet
Russell Harris
Atis Jakobsons
Theodor Johansson
Tamir Lederberg
Jean-Carlos Puerto

Mathias Vef


Thursday 13th April 6pm
performance: Le Mirage de Sodome by Arthur Gillet and DEM (Christophe Aslanian & Aurélia Nardini), contemplative soundscape with voices, synthetizers and percussions.



Friday 14th to Sunday 16th April
2pm to 8pm

Friday 28th to Sunday 30th April
2pm to 8pm

Sunday 30th April 6pm

VILLAGE. Kurfürstenstrasse 31/32 - 10785 Berlin

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