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Theodor Johansson, based in Berlin since 2013, is a mixed media artist mainly working in textile and illustration. He was born in Skellefteå, Sweden in 1976. Spending his childhood in a rural community in Swedish Lappland, he early encountered the wild nature and the traditional crafts from the northern regions that left marks on his future creative path. Naïve expressions and frequent use of vibrant colors runs through his work signatured by his somewhat jocular creatures, banners and patchworks. His illustrations has in the past regularly covered the releases from Stockholm based record label Studio Barnhus, where his playful imagery frolics with their equally playful dance music repertoire. Being a fan of Jim Henson’s puppets, amateur porn blogs, 80’s horror and Sci-Fi, DIY-mentality and Sonic Youth, Johansson tries to incorporate both cuteness and naughtiness in his crudely crafted pieces stitched together with a dose of dissonance and perdition, exploring themes like sexuality and folklore.


Theodor Johansson
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