top of page is an art organization initiated in 2015 by Eric LeRouge. Biannually, on Easter and in September, presents exhibitions of artists whose practice includes a perspective on queer identities. These exhibitions—and accompanying performances, talks, and further events—take place at Village, the community center for queer people on Kurfürstenstraße. also has a residency program that brings artists to Berlin and provides them with work space, community, and access to all events at Village Berlin. Now, has evolved into an international network of artists, creatives, art players, and volunteers invested in dialogue and aesthetic experimentation.

Instinct residency program is situated in the creative international art scene of Berlin. The residency enables participants to engage with the village berlin queer community as well as the wider Berlin community. The wide range of activities and events at the space enables the residents to immerse themselves in the creative and queer life of Berlin. Additional links to the creative network outside of the Village are ensured, with the residency working as a bridge between the individual artist and the creative world of Berlin.instinct residency program is open to artists, academics, curators, teachers, activists, healers and all manner of creative queer-identified people from around the world.






Le Guillermic



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