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Originally from France, Pierre Emö lives in Berlin, where he explores the fields of film, theater, performance and modeling.
For the cinema, he played for Yann Gonzalez in KNIFE + HEART, Bruce La Bruce in IT IS NOT THE PORNOGRAPHER THAT IS PERVERSE… and appeared last year in Henrika Kull’s film BLISS. On stage, he’s been performing immersive theater with the group Nilsson Eicke, in DECAMERON or THE VALKYRIE. He was part of the exhibition FENSTER ZUM KLO: PUBLIC TOILETS & PRIVATE AFFAIRS by Marc Martin at the Schwules Musuem in Berlin.
He’s now on tour with the performance THE ETHICS by Matthieu Hocquemiller.
He’s also part of the collective Pornceptual, and member of the curating team of the queer exhibition Instinct.

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