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residency instinct

instinct residency program is situated in the creative international art scene of Berlin.

The residency enables participants to engage with the village berlin queer community as well as the wider Berlin community.

The wide range of activities and events at the space enables the residents to immerse themselves in the creative and queer life of Berlin. Additional links to the creative network outside of the Village are ensured, with the residency working as a bridge between the individual artist and the creative world of Berlin.

instinct residency program is open to artists, academics, curators, teachers, activists, healers and all manner of creative male-identified people from around the world.


dates: the residents can apply for a period of up to six months for their stay at the instinct residency program.
The exact dates and conditions of the residency will be negotiated during the application process.

program: the residency offers a wide variety of resources and support to participants:

  • living space ​| the residents could have their own studio at our premises at Village (Kurfürstenstraße 31/32 - 107985 Berlin) where they can rest, refresh and recharge. (optional)

  • work space | The studio can also easily be used as work space. Access to the spacious event space of the Village is available for use if it is not occupied for other events.

  • assistance | A member of the Instinct team will help residents prepare their stay, welcome them to the space and answer questions and inquiries residents might have during their stay.

  • village community | During the residency participants can take part in the events taking place at Village Berlin. This enables them to meet the lively Village community and enrich their experience in the many workshops, classes, etc.

  • salon | A monthly Salon invites guest speakers to share their work and/or have an open discussion on topics drawn from our creative and social life.

  • artist presentation | Once during their stay residents will be able to present their work in an event open to the Berlin public.

  • instinct art exhibition | Depending on the timing and content of the residency, artists may have the opportunity to participate in the biannual Instinct Art Exhibition.

  • environment | Instinct is situated in the queer community of Berlin, creating a supportive space for queer artists, who are still often marginalized in society.

  • certificate | Instinct acknowledges the resident’s stay with a certificate.


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