instinct edition #9 _ ARCHIPEL

To escape from a world on the verge of ruin, one that is no longer running smoothly, some are tempted by utopia. The desperate search for a sanctuary island, as providential as it is imaginary,
like the one of Thomas More.


But the idea of an island seems incomplete. We need an ensemble. We need an archipelago. A mountain range, solid and vigorous, that shows a political will to open up. A diversity of islands, each with its own specificity, forming a coherent network, creating an impulse of life in action : we decide to form a collective of individuals, a network of diversities, querying the nature and the meaning of humanity.

This is a new edition of Instinct that advocates establishing the groundwork of a collective of individuals, taking into account the fact that innovations often emerge at the interface of intersectional practices.

It proposes artists whose respective practices communicate together and create a common work, revealing the links that unite them, the differences that bring them together.

During this exhibition, we invite you to join our collective and be as multiple and complex as the network created by the space between our individualities.


Come, and escape with us on our archipelago.

a collective exhibition by

Abel Burger >>
Camille Moravia >>

Eduardo Mamede  >>

Jimmy Robert >>

Mike D’Hondt >>
Rüdiger Trautsch >>

Shannon Sea >>
Thomas Adam Garnung >>

Thursday April 9

vernissage 6pm

Gareth Ernst will be doing a performance drawing, based on the drawings Don Bachardy did of him, using live undraped models. ??

Friday April 10

• open to the public 2pm to 8pm??

Saturday April 11

• open to the public 2pm to 8pm

• performance by Shiaz Legz??

Sunday April 12

• open to the public 2pm to 8pm

Artist Talk, 5 pm (list of the artists to be confirmed)??

Monday April 13

• private opening for Stretch Festival participants 2pm to 8pm

Artist Talk, 5 pm (list of th

Viewing also by appointment:

+49 174 33 255 33


instinct at

Kurfürstenstraße 31/32
10785 Berlin