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Tamir Lederberg

Tamir Lederberg is a Berlin-based queer Jewish photographer. He received his degree in photography in 2008 from the Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem and studied in the ‘Outstanding Students’ Program at the Musrara School of Art in 2010. For over a decade Tamir has photographed his intimate social circle as well as his larger queer community across multiple cities. The work documents his interest in how we are changed by time and also how we grow into different identities throughout our lifetimes. Driven by a fascination with people, Tamir enjoys getting to know the subjects in his portraits, witnessing their every detail: how they carry themselves, how they see themselves, and more importantly how they would like to be seen through the lens of the camera. 

It is vital to him that his subjects feel truly comfortable and empowered when they interact with his camera.

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