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Amit Elan

Amit Elan was born on April 30, 1989 in Boston, USA. He was raised in Israel, where he attended Hamidrasha Arts Academy before fate brought him to Berlin- his home base since 2009. Amit’s diverse body of work includes painting, performance art, mixed media installations, photography and comics. His work is characterized by a bold approach to materials and themes, combined with a strong notion of sexuality, violence, the physical presence and fragility of bodies. He is exploring the realms of stripping, spiritual shaman practices, city / nature, continuousness and dreams. 

'I like to show people in their more barbaric primal states; to freeze climactic moments. My paintings are a clash between a dark abject world and a colorful childish dimension, where distorted characters, and splashing body fluids, sexuality, perfectionism and fetish go hand in hand with humor, inflatable dinosaurs, rainbows, intergalactic unicorns and gummy bears. A world where laws of physics and social prohibitions do not exist. All is allowed in this utopian dimension; no matter if you are a fluffy talking marshmallow or a beaten up genderqueer pageant queen, everybody is welcome.

The working process always starts from bits and pieces taken from my own photography. I combine oil paint, aquarelle, crayons, markers, pen, pencil, fake tattoos, charcoal, spray, stencils, glue, fire, tape, stickers, sparkles and just about any tool that leaves a mark."


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