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Namy Nosratifard

Namy Nosratifard was born in Tehran, and as a baby he and his parents moved to Spain where they stayed a few years until they moved to the Netherlands. Later on after his parent’s divorce he started commuting between the Netherlands and the United States. 

In 2007 he Graduated Photography at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and started working as a commercial photographer. Besides working commercially, he focused on his autonomous work which deals with Modern Day Existentialism and its symptoms. One of them being the Automobile and the way it has claimed its space in people’s lives, both physically and socially. 

After moving to Berlin in late 2008, he started photographing for the German publisher Süddeutsche Zeitung which paid the bills but did little more than that. This - among other things - motivated him to spend  more and more and time in Los Angeles, which he considers his home. Ironically, it was this time in Los Angeles which inspired him to start a business in Berlin which would allow him to say no to money jobs. The business, a small Coffeeshop and Roastery combined with his autonomous photography have allowed him to work on his own plan instead of being part of someone else’s…


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