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Rory Midhani

Rory Midhani is a visual artist primarily exploring Queer and trans life through cardboard dolls, high energy murals and narrative drawings.


His pieces are character-focused with a strong sense of place and story. His work takes the viewer to the experiences between masculinity and femininity; everyday life and fantasy; sweetness and sleaze. His self directed artworks have been exhibited in shows across Europe and North America. He has also worked professionally as an illustrator for clients including Buzzfeed, Medium, Planned Parenthood, Autostraddle, Sieguessaule, Diva Transgender Europe and Curve.

On the Berlin club scene Rory has produced promotional artwork, visuals and decor installations. Parties he's been creatively involved with include CherrYO!kie (Südblock), Gegen (Kit Kat Club), Buttons (about blank) and Plastic (SchwuZ).


Scruffy Puppies Will Be Scrubbed
Mixed Media, 2018

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