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Marc Martin

Marc Martin lives between Paris and Berlin. He works on men. His pictures turn the spotlight into the darker zones of erotic play, and confront our notions of beauty and repulsion; of good and bad taste. The male sex organ isn’t at the heart of his work as a photographer — which not to say that it doesn’t matter.  But the man himself: the ‘he’, is. 


His images are inspired by different hypostases of maleness, archaic as well as contemporary. He postulates that the many masks of manliness don’t cover lies, but that they are honest accessories for the manifestation of desire. 


Marc Martin questions the genre by playing with stereotyped roles, fantasized virility, where the boundaries of reality are blurred. The many truths are always lurking behind the scenes. Obscenity and candour exist side by side in Marc Martin’s images. He loves poets and punks; coyness in porn. He loves pigs and flowers.


Recent exhibitions:
« Dur Labeur », 2015 – Koll & Friends, Berlin – Nicole Canet, Paris
« Forbidden », 2017 – Project Space Leslie-Lohman Museum, New-York
« Fenster zum Klo », 2017 – Schwules Museum, Berlin
« The Eroticism of Things », 2018 – Museum der Dinge, Berlin


Recent books: 
« Dur Labeur », 2015
« Fallos », 2016

« Public Toilets & Private Affairs », 2017


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