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Nicky Miller

Nicky Miller, born in France, Vietnamese origins, is an artist based in Berlin. They Lived in Paris, New York City, and Brussels.


Nicky is a performer, writer and filmmaker. Nicky is writing queer fictions by using experimental forms and filmmaking: “And It Shall Not Stand” (2016), “Happy Valentine Day!” (2017). Their work is dealing with sexuality outside the norms, like fetishism, dark-rooms, voyeurism: “Oh!Socks!” (2014), “Porn Warriors” (2018), “Lemon Taste” (2018).


Her short-films are screened at Queer and International Film Festivals in the categories “Porn” or “Explicit” (Porn Film Festival Berlin, Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest London, Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival, Festival Chéries-Chéris Paris, and others film festivals). Recently, “Lemon Taste” received a Best Performance Award from Smut Club Film Festival in Australia.


Nicky is performing readings of her texts and doing vocals in projects with techno live-sets with Deepneue and The Cosma Lab.


still photography film, 2017

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