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instinct edition #8 _ THE CAT & THE HORSE

​For its September 2019 edition, Instinct responds to the exhibition “My Dearest Sweet Love: Christopher Isherwood und Don Bachardy,” shown at Schwules Museum Berlin from June 14 until August 26, 2019. “My Dearest Sweet Love” mostly displays drawings and paintings by Bachardy, documenting his life with Isherwood and their circle of friends.


The “Cat” and the “Horse” are manifestations of the intimacy of the novelist Christopher Isherwood and the painter Don Bachardy’s relationship. In their love letters, these are the names they gave each other, and an animalistic imagery suffuses these letters.


At the same time, Isherwood’s life story has always been one of journey, and this reflects in their relationship as well. Born in England, Isherwood moved to Berlin in 1929 where he experienced a sexual awakening. When the Nazis came into power in 1933, he had to leave Germany and eventually settled in Los Angeles, where he met Bachardy. His Berlin part of the journey, as brief as it was, had an impact on his subsequent life and their mutual relationship.


Berlin is more than ever a transnational queer artistic community, a liberating space where people come to reinvent their life and experience the freedoms the city offers. instinct #8 invites a selection of artists to talk about Berlin, love and liberation.

a collective exhibition by

Gareth Ernst >>
Philipp Gallon & Pär Ålander>>

Rafael Gaweda >>

Roey Victoria Heifetz >>

Ted Rohn >>
L. Jo >>

Tomasz Pieszko >>
Nick Wilson >>
Rhonda Winter >>
Teiko Ang Zheng >>
Shiaz Legz >>

Thursday September 12

vernissage 6pm

Gareth Ernst will be doing a performance drawing, based on the drawings Don Bachardy did of him, using live undraped models. 

Friday September 13

• open to the public 2pm to 8pm

Saturday September 14

• open to the public 2pm to 8pm

• performance by Shiaz Legz

Sunday September 15

• open to the public 2pm to 8pm

Artist Talk, 5 pm (list of the artists to be confirmed)

Viewing also by appointment:

+49 174 33 255 33


instinct at

Kurfürstenstraße 31/32
10785 Berlin

in affiliation with the Schwules Museum Berlin
andthe Christopher Isherwood Foundation

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