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Rafal Gaweda

SEXSCAPES - Sexual Landscapes of the City VOL.1 BERLIN
Sex isn’t natural; sex is performative. We learn how to fuck.
We learn how to be sexual. We learn what pleasure is and how we react to intense stimuli. We are socialised into becoming sexual beings, through cycles of intensely-real moments that have to imagine themselves being authentic while at the same time become enculturated, comodified, dispersed. It is through repeated iteration that sexualities are established, and how they change. What was perverse is now simply pleasurable. What was once taboo is now celebrated, if irregularly, in some locations and not others. Power is never evenly distributed. Berlin, at one precise moment in time, offered a space for queer sexualities to flourish.

Rafal Gaweda was there to photograph it. Berlin queer sexualities are international, now. Globalisation isn’t just for neo-Liberals.

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Untitled 2017. SEXSCAPES

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