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Thomas Adam-Garnung

At the same time teacher in philosophy and visual artist, he left both to devote himself to the theater. He founded and directs a troupe, Les Débutantes, composed of amateur and professional artists, actors, dancers, videographers, musicians and visual artists in a spirit of openness and perpetual and fruitful frictions. He first staged classical plays such as Shakespeare's Macbeth or Aeschylus' Orestie, before designing more and more hybrid projects between dance and theater. His last four plays have been performed in Paris and France, but also in Brussels and New York.


It is a performance on the theme of dating. At once light and naive but also addressing serious and heavy considerations.

To realize it, I would like to call on a Berlin based dancer, met on the spot and who would take his part in the creation: he will be able to interact with the performer, or not at all. To be like a mirror or a counterpoint. The other or a simple echo.

Duration: 25 minutes

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