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Kiernan Cobarrubia

Kiernan Cobarrubia is a visual artist living in Berlin, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. His body of work includes 2-Dimensional collages and poster work, printed zines, video projects and sculpture, which aesthetically draws from a training in design and an interest in analog forms of communication.


Kiernan studied Art History and Film Theory at the University of California, Los Angeles, has participated in various group shows throughout California and Berlin and recently completed a residency at Spread Art in Detroit, Michigan.

The work itself centers on the use of archival materials and researched elements while seeped in the context of queer theory and examining the role of Nostalgia within the larger LGBTQ community. His work also expands into ideas around community building, queer utopias and liberation through expressing sexuality and the body. 


Untitled 2019

archival photo and digital collage, "Hallowed" series

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