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Eduardo Mamede

Eduardo Mamede (1989 in Imperatriz, Brasil) has studied fashion design in Belém (Pará - Brasil) from 2008 to 2011. Following that he studied audiovisual media in São Paulo. Today he lives in Berlin and works as an audiovisual artist. His range of work includes photography, cinematography and art direction.


Growing up on the remote countryside of Northeastern Brasil, he early on discovered ways of expressing himself through video and photography. Before moving to the bigger city to study, he portrayed his friends of the local subculture scene by dressing them up, and shooting their music videos. Later on during his studies of fashion design, he understood his love for individuality and self presentation in social spaces.

Mamede’s discoveries through academia combined with his improvisational background, shaped his way of producing his work: Aesthetics and conceptual ideas do not depend on erudite techniques.


Most of his images are produced on smartphones, not only as an aesthetic choice, but also as a manner to establish the importance of eyes in capturing the synchronic moment where artist and subject meet for a few seconds. This also underlines the documentaristic character of his works. Mamede’s work with people, about people and for people. It functions like a cellular connection, that is feed by his unique creative vision and, last but not least, his undeniable emphatic character.

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Hoping for higherplaces, Smartphone, 15 Mai 2015

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