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Abel Burger

Abel burger is a French painter born in 1982. She has been part of the Parisian underground scene as an author of texts on gender and identity and as a video artist.


In summer 2k18, she chose to devote her work to making portraits of individuals met on social media in a project called "Lost and found", carried out at the Berlin Art Institute. The question of the intimate is the central axis of her work and it can be found as much in her drawings as in the spontaneous texts that accompany them.


Her recent residency at Instinct and her encounter with Eric LeRouge allowed her to engage with the community at Village Berlin and more broadly with the city, which now also serves as a laboratory for her creations. Deepening her work on intimacy with hybrid creations about people, "Beautiful Weirdos" is part of the continuity of her research.


Today, she is working on a new project called "Détruire", exhibited in June at Garten 114 gallery. "Détruire" is about the losses it takes in order to find our true selves. Through personal experiences and through experiences related to her, she writes and paints what remains after the loss.


La présence.
mixed media on 70 x 50 cm paper. 2018

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