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Yves de Brabander

Yves de Brabander is a Belgian photographer, visual artist and art director. He is known for his works of male nudity in themes of gay culture and censorship.


Themes that often recur in Yves de Brabander's work are niche, fetish, gay culture and censorship. De Brabander often portrays young male models, usually naked or almost naked. He does not describe the naked portrayal of his models as something sexual, but as a form of vulnerability. His style refers to classical painting and the Old Masters. When printing his work, Yves uses a loose style in which he mounts photos as a collage on wooden panels or folds and tears an image.

He has presented his works in galleries and art fairs including Bruno Gmuender Verlag (Berlin), Galeria Pauza (Krakow), Edelman Arts and Munch Gallery (New York), Art Basel (Miami Beach), Boys!Boys!Boys! (London) and at the Tom of Finland Foundation.


Autoportrait, mixed media on paper, 2023

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