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Victor Luque

“Why create a work of art when dreaming about it is so much sweeter?”

Il Decameron. Pasolini.


The older I get the faster time passes. I fear to blink for too long and decompose. I´m not scared of ageing but of the wasted time. When I was a child, years were elastic and I could fit a lot into them: my first day of school, the first time I went to a birthday party or to the beach.

Adult lives are often made of a lot of very similar days, one after the other. We also spend a lot of time in non-places, waiting for something or waiting to get somewhere. Killing time is such an aggressive expression. Compressed time. Non-places create no moments. 

A staircase -the same one- everyday. A train -same story- ∞ Taking pictures is my way to stop time unfolding; I hunt for a moment, I taste it, I preserve it and the photograph will become the bookmark that will dilate my life.

Victor Luque is a freelance photographer based in Berlin working on street photography, portraits, documentary and fashion. Self-taught, Victor has always been interested in art and design and spent a few years painting and drawing before getting a camera and becoming obsessed with it.

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