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upcoming instinct

Easter 2018

Self-Destruction Poetry 

Instinct’s 5th exhibition will be titled:
Self destruction Poetry.

Where to start?
Starting from zero seems like a very peaceful beginning, neutral. A new chapter with a wiser skin. But for that we need destruction, a constructive one, learning from our past self.
This exhibition embraces the idea of the struggling artists and celebrates the darkness of their creative process. Here we wish to celebrate,

as the heart of the exhibition, what is the misunderstood and questionable dichotomy between madness and brilliance. We look to unfold the ways we can grow due to and despite of our struggles. We don’t have all the answers. But we are participating in the conversation.

Instinct.#5 features 10 international artists from a variety of disciplines, including photography, drawing, painting, sound, performance and video:

Bruce Labruce_Film/Photography —

Harlen Munsö_Multimedia —

Oiko Petersen_Photography —

Theodor Johansson_Textiles / Sculpture —

Victor Luque_Photography —

João Galrão_Scultpure / Collages —

Fernando Carpaneda_Painting_Sculpture —

Daniel Pernas_Painting —

Victor Mateos_Street.Art —

Jean-Ulrick Désert _Video —



• Thursday March 29 – 8pm – Opening to the public

• Thursday March 29 – 6pm – Part of Instinct.Berlin #5 is the German premiere of the new Film von Bruce LaBruce, It is Not the Pornographer That is Perverse. (only on invitation _ the artist will be present)

• Saturday, March 31 – 5pm – Artist Talk (All Artists will be present)

• Saturday, April 28 – 5pm Artist Talk (Artists List to be confirmed)

• The Instinct.Berlin residency program presents the work of Harlen Munso about Hiv and PreP ''Fuck Raw _ Condoms are dead''

• Sunday, April 29 – Closing  

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