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Marc Martin

Marc Martin lives in Paris and Berlin. His work focuses on the links between poetry and pornography. His pictures highlight the darker zones of erotic play, and confront our notions of beauty and repulsion, of good and bad taste.


Marc Martin questions the genre by playing with stereotyped roles, fantasized virility, where the boundaries of reality are blurred. The many truths are always lurking behind the scenes. Obscenity and candour exist side by side in Marc Martin’s images. He is fond of pigs and flowers.


Martin’s book "Les Tasses – Toilettes publiques, Affaires privées" was awarded the prestigious "Prix Sade du Livre d’Art" in 2020. In 2022, he received the "Trophée Livres Hedbo" for book "Beau Menteur."


Recent exhibitions:

Beau Menteur, 2021/2022 – Eisenherz, Berlin – Galerie Mille Lieux, Paris

Les Tasses, 2020 – LaVallée, Brussels / 2019 – Point Ephémère, Paris

The Eroticism of Things, 2018 – Museum der Dinge, Berlin

Forbidden, 2017 – Project Space Leslie-Lohman Museum, New-York

Fenster zum Klo, 2017 – Schwules Museum, Berlin


Recent books:

Beau Menteur, 2021

Proust aux Tasses, 2020

Glory Hole, 2020

Les Tasses – Toilettes publiques, Affaires privées, 2019

Public Toilets & Private Affairs, 2017

Fallos, 2016

Dur Labeur, 2015


Marc Martin, Steppenbrand, 2014. 

40x60cm, inked print mounted on dibond. 1/5

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