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Johnny Abbate

Johnny Abbate, too young to have a retrospective, too old to be a young artist, is a photographer working on the research about the feelings of alienation and desolation mixed with a desperate eroticism. Horny and depressed like a lost kid trapped in the screams of his teenage hormones, Abbate has exhibited his works all over Europe and has been published in several magazines in Germany, USA, Austria, Japan, Italy, France, UK, Netherlands and Poland.


For "Instinct" Johnny will exhibit a peculiar project titled "Stolen Socks" which contains actual socks he stole from his favourite people along with the related Polaroid pictures.

The artworks celebrate the early phases of fetishism, when everything begins, and a simple smell or sight or touch can turn any object into a future subject of sexual interest and turn teen loneliness into erotic magic and remind you that your adolescence is for ever, no matter what society says.

unzucht-email-johnnyabbate small.jpg

Johnny Abbate, Theodor and Moe, mixed media, 2018

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