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Tony Just
When I first started studying meditation, my teacher Axel Müller had me draw a circle the size of a small water glass with a thin blue line. He told me to stare at the center of the circle instead of the blue line. I did that every morning for I don’t know how long. At that time I was in a pretty bad state physically and mentally. That work I’ve done with Axel as well as other life changes like getting sober from drugs and alcohol, led me to a much better state o being. It is because of that work that I am able to be a part of the Village an continue my path to being a healthy, loving, sober, gay artist.
These drawings were inspired by that first meditation drawing. Drawing has always been a way for me to work through my life experiences. I see it as a way to make real what isn’t real yet. These drawings are pastel on paper. Pastel has been a favorite medium of mine for some time. It is compressed pigment with a binder and it produces a fine colored dust. It echoes the circle of life - from dust to dust.


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