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Samuel Perea-Díaz

Samuel Perea-Díaz (he|they) (b. 1988, Spain) lives and works in Berlin.
His multidisciplinary practice spans across sounding arts, architecture, and curating.
Samuel holds an MA in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts from the Berlin University of the Arts and a degree in Architecture from the University of Seville.
His artwork blends and moves between sonic activism, aural architecture, and virtual sonic landscapes, creating installations and sound-focused objects which engage with sonification, relocation of sound, field recording, and VR. Samuel has conducted academic and artistic research at the intersection of queer and sonic spatial practices. Since 2019, he has been teaching at Humboldt University in Berlin.


For Instinct#12, Samuel is exhibiting “UNAIDS_FactSheet_en.pdf”, a sound installation that generates impulses of a 20kHz sine wave that displays the pulse rate of the number of deaths from AIDS-related causes worldwide in a year. The piece sonifies the most recent statistics of UNAIDS, which is the world's most extensive data collection on the HIV epidemic. This artwork is part of an academic research about listening that maps the impact of the early AIDS epidemic in specific sound-focused artworks.


one speaker, amplifier, Max Patch, computer, 10 meters of black cable and metal drawer. Variable duration, generative work, 2022-ongoing

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