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Salvatore Siciliano

Salvatore Siciliano was born in 1989 in Cosenza, Italy. He pursued fine arts at Accademia di Brera in Milan, coupled with dance and choreography at Accademia Susanna Beltrami. During his studies in Milan he collaborated as a choreographer and visual artist with NABA Milano, Istituto Europeo di Design Milano and Ansaldo Space Fashion and Design.

From 2012 he worked as a dancer throughout Europe and in 2015 founded Siciliano Contemporary Ballet (SCB) in Berlin.
In 2020, the impact of COVID 19 saw him return to the roots of his work as a visual artist.

Salvatore’s work is a mix of drawing and painting, the composition is strongly influenced by his knowledge in dance and choreography. Intense darkness with hints to religion in a vibrant and erotic atmosphere, theatri- cal and raw, the work has a connection to the un- conscious and the bodies ofter appear distorted and perhaps grotesque. The scenes are full of tension and instability, raising questions about who is earthly or heavenly, and where is the fine line between the two. The viewer is invited to cast their eye and perception from different angles to reveal the layers of meaning hidden in the images. The twist of muscle, the naked pulse of bodies; inviting you to look beyond the sexualised notions of the human figure, and feel the complexity we all face of people in a slow rush.


La Cena dei Gentil (Detail)_Ink, oil, charcoal on paper_2021

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