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Sacha Cambier de Montravel

Sacha Cambier (He|Him) was born in Liège, Belgium. 

He initially undertook drawing studies at La Cambre in Brussels and then went to Les Beaux-Arts de Paris where his artistic practices varied in painting, installation and sculpture.

Immersed for many years in a philosophical, historical and literary quest for violence and eroticism, Sacha now seeks to formulate an expression that is the artistic, poetic and literary heiress of Bataille's visions; but also of Nietzsche and de Sade, as well as other thinkers who shaped his imagination and his words. Here emerges a need to travel through hell - the only and ultimate asylum of the poet - who seeks his answers in the flames of the past, neuroses and passions.


What desire means to me:
Desire feeds you only if you feed it. You can’t win anything in desire if you don’t want to loose anything. It’s a game and it’s a pain, it’s a joy wich gives you the smile, burning your soul as the feux d'hiver to stay alive..

image_6487327 3.JPG

Selfportrait painting
Oil on wood, 2023

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