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Wednesday 31st May / 16:00-17:30

"sketches of transformation" by Alexander Carrillo


"sketches of transformation" by Alexander Carrillo, lover of imaginary worlds & queer artist, shares a landscape of emotions. A body that represents a lot and nothing, everyone and none.

Alexander is a Colombian based in Berlin who faithfully believes that life is a journey. His work goes into social and educational issues related to gender, identity, culture, and transformation. Focusing his research on the grotesque and ugly of the human being, seeing it as a mirror of reality. Studying the role of the audience, the influence of indigenous traditions in Western society, and the body as the interface between norms, sexuality, and spirituality. Since 2006 Alexander has developed his own artistic research, and pedagogical method: CUERPO PRESENTE: The Inner Beast, strategies for body awareness and personal growth. He is a dancer, choreographer, researcher, teacher, and producer.

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''Antibody" by Tomi Pasonen


This piece is the result of a collateral damage. Having lost my August 2020 job due to the pandemic, when I was asked to part take in the Hybrid Festival I spontaneously decided to dive into a two week process in the studio, to dance, to build, to make a world. To vent and to shed. After a 6 month period of globally, collectively and individually isolating and negotiating every human interaction, we are all experiencing the epic paradigm shifting wave of the earth shedding itself from our habits and ways of life.

This solo deals with the neurosis of the body in a confined space, unleashes our paradoxical disconnection from the natural world. Escapes into the malleable projections of fake news as a replacement of our desire to connect. The homesickness for the ways of life we have lost is confused by attention to detail, in order to distract ourselves from the invisible threats forcing us question our priorities.


Tomi Paasonen, born in Finland, was a ballet dancer in Hamburg, San Francisco and Chicago until an accident ended his dancing career in 1997. Since 1991 he has choreographed over 70 pieces, mainly dance pieces but also directing opera, theater, photo and film projects as well as interactive installations and site specific projects. In 2013-2018 he was Artistic Director and festival curator of a national dance center in Finland. In 2019, he returned to Berlin, where he began archiving his life's work as a preparation for his comeback to the stage. 2020-2021 he created his very first solo trilogy for himself with the main themes: past, present and future. The preoccupation with his own body as a performer and dancer again led him to, after decades, reinvestigate his relationship with ballet, resulting in the premieres of “Attitude” and “Pas de Q” in 2022.


Thursday 1st June / 16:00-17:30

"Mannequin" by Unai Alvarez


Unai Alvarez is a performer, creator and teacher from Basque Country (Spain). After his formation in the University of dance in Bilbao, he moved to Berlin to further explore the contemporary dance scene. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with artists such as Isabel Costa, Silvia Ospina and Candela Capitan. As a performer, he is interested in interdisciplinary projects, involving people with different backgrounds and languages. As a choreographer and teacher, Unai is focused principally in the creation of movement through the body, relationship, dynamic, music and space. Nowadays, Unai is working as a freelancer doing his own projects, collaboration works, teaching and starting a new path as a production assistant.

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"LORDESS" by THE GARDEN // performing arts


The contemporary dance piece LORDESS by THE GARDEN // performing arts bursts into the heart of the discourse on sexuality, gender, permanent change and performance. The body as political discourse on stage and beautiful art as the basis of movement. Inspired by queer artist Lorenza Böttner, the piece shows what is possible - based on the premise that the limits of creativity and art do not depend on our bodies or our conception of normality.

Supported by the Darstellende Künste Fund, the Allbau Foundation, the Cultural Service of Essen, beWEGEnd.e.V, in cooperation with SZENE 2WEI, Theater im Depot, Rü-Bühne Essen and the Hamburg.




William Sánchez H.



Jose Manuel Ortiz

Clément Debras

Fernando Balsera

Mercè Mayor

Manuela Aranguibel

Bühne, Licht, Kostüm

Clément Debras


Lukas Tobiassen


Simon Wachter

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