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Mathieu & Leolo

Mathieu & Léolo have been in love and creating together for nearly ten years. They met at film school in Paris and have never parted ways since.


Together they founded HORSCHAMP and brought together film artists in international arthouse cinema, within the framework of master classes given in Paris and at festivals. This is how they will rub shoulders with Larry Clark, Gaspar Noé, Sebastien Lifshitz, Thomas Vinterberg, Harmony Korine, Raymond Depardon, Volker Schlondorff or even Wakefield Poole.


Between cinema, experimental video, and photography, they develop a body of work centered around themes of desire, sexuality, and youth, while also engaging in a radical and humanistic political discourse.



what desire means to me:

_5029 © Léolo (2023).jpg

Untitled, from 'I will never know who you are.'

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