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Marc Martin

Marc Martinis a french photographer, video maker. He lives in Paris and Berlin. He works on men. Between poetry and pornography.

He turns the spotlight into the darker zones of homo-erotic play with a clearly poetic angle. He explores the visibility of minorities, including sexual minorities and claims this freedom to express, explicitly or not, a diversity of sexualities.

Showing things that disturb to re-position and enlarge the frame of tolerance. It allows a complicit gaze on extreme sex and confront our notions of beauty and repulsion; of good and bad taste.

He questions the genre by playing with stereotyped roles, unexpected masculinities, gender roles in the community.

His recent solo-exhibition at the Schwules Museum dealt with the old-fashioned way cruising in bathrooms: “Public Toilets, Private Affairs” (2017). The same show went to Paris (2019) and will be shown in Brussels (LaVallée) in September 2020, and New York (Leslie Lohman Museum) in September 2021.


Baderaum Für Männer, extrait de la série pour "Fallos" Featuring Arthur Gillet, 60x90 cm. Tirage baryté monté sur dibond, (Tirage gaufré 1/5), 2016


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