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Lars Theuerkauff 

The German painter Lars Theuerkauff (b. 1968) begins his work by assembling a sequence of photographs on a certain topic, mostly shot by himself, but also found footage from the Internet. The artist discovers a new access to imageries of both bliss and wretchedness that have become far too common between the individual pictures. Theuerkauff’s paintings condense these sequences to new, single pictures. The resulting images, e.g. of a shared moment between father and son or of prisoners of the IS rigth before being executed, are both window and mirror simultaneously. Not only do they draw our attention to the state of the world we live in, but also to ourselves. Theuerkauff studied painting with Robin Page and sculpture with Cristina Iglesias in Munich and was a member of Heinz Emigholz’s film class in Berlin. Following numerous national and international exhibitions, 
renowned publisher KEHRER presented his first monograph devoted to his work in 2019.

Lars Theurkauff_Der Kleine Dieb.jpg

Der Kleine Dieb, Acrylic on canvas, 140x280 cm, 2019.

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