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Kurt von Bley

Kurt von Bley (he|him) (b. 1976 in Poland) creates work with focus on the theme of „Identity“: the search and loss thereof.
The motive of being a stranger as a homosexual in a Catholic society and a stranger in an ethnically homogenous environment (born 
into a family of German descent in Poland) run like (red) thread through much of his works...

He prefers to express his thoughts and inner images through three-dimensional representation using for his mixed media works a variety of materials (especially elements from the medical world) and techniques. Currently he studies Fine Arts at the University of Arts in Berlin (UdK).


"Is a human more than the mere shell, the body? What happens when this shell turns out to be defective? When a human becomes terminally ill? Is the I in constant pain or only the body?

The work shows an air filter, filled with pills. Even without knowing their exact use, it's easy to assume that the 'self' which is portrayed, uses all available medical support. It is unclear which illness weakens the body. It is unclear if it's an external invader or an act of auto-cannibalism. It's unclear if and how this illness defines the 'self'." 


(text: Friedrich J. Becher, M.A. / from the exhibition catalogue "Ecce Homo -  ein Körperlabor" in the Paul-Clemen-Museum at the Institute of Art History Bonn, 2019)


Self-portrait, pt. 2
used filter, felt, plastic, pills, 2014

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