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Jochen Hass

Jochen Hass (1917 - † 2000) lived in four social orders. He discovered his passion for painting early on and he knew how to project his views and his social criticism into his works.


His enchanting harlequins were created in direct confrontation with the conditions in the GDR. He also created landscapes and still lifes, but also liked to experiment with expressionist elements.


In his last years, people became the focus of his work - many expressive portraits document his efforts to put himself in the souls of others.

Jochen Hass's work has been the subject of several exhibitions and retrospectives at the Schwules Museum Berlin, which holds major works by the artist in its archives.


Junger Mann auf der Straße (self-portrait), 1953, oil on cardboard, 102 x 79 cm)
_Courtesy of the
 Schwules Museum Berlin

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