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Jean-Ulrick Désert

Jean-Ulrick Désert established his Berlin-Kreuzberg studio in 2002 after living and working in Paris and New York as part of the international Haitian diaspora. His visual artworks may be characterized as conceptual with an interest in revealing "conspicuous invisibility”. He was selected  to represent Haiti at the 58th Venice Biennale and has exhibited previously at the Havana and Dakar Biennials. In Berlin he is a fellow of the Kunstsenat’s art research grant. His work has been featured in journals such as Harpers Bazaar (Poland) and books. Notably was The Image Of The Black In Western Art published by Harvard's WEB DuBois center as well as Berlin’s Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst publications.

He earned his diplomas from the Cooper Union and Columbia University in the USA.

Jean-Ulrick Désert’s artistic process are often concerned with the revelation of truths and realities in poetic visual forms. His artistic production is not limited to a single medium. Désert creates drawings , paintings, sculpture, installations and on occasion video and performance. In all of his artworks the poetic interpretations meander between context and personal meaning.


DEAR JOHN, 2019 Digital-*audio and glazed-ceramic with display hardware, created for the “Stonewall 50” anniversary year presented at art-space ps120, curated by Justin Polera & Ben Livne Weitzman

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