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Eric Galassi aka Eric LeRouge (born July 22, 1964) is a French freelance curator and activist. He has lived in Berlin since 2003.

Eric Le Rouge is one of the co-founders of we are village. Eric Le Rouge is one of the co-founders of we are village. He is also the director of Instinct Berlin, an artistic project focused on local and international queer artists, as well as providing an artist residency since 2015. Formerly being involved with creative works in the fashion and marketing industry, Le Rouge has taken an active role in social causes related to the AIDS epidemic and queer and gay rights as well as the feminist movement since the 1990s. Currently, his organisational work at the Stretch Festival and we are village and his curatorial practice at Instinct is making an impact on the contemporary queer culture of Berlin.

Originally from France, Pierre Emö lives in Berlin, where he explores the fields of film, theater, performance and modeling.
For the cinema, he played for Yann Gonzalez in KNIFE + HEART, Bruce La Bruce in IT IS NOT THE PORNOGRAPHER THAT IS PERVERSE… and appeared last year in Henrika Kull’s film BLISS. On stage, he’s been performing immersive theater with the group Nilsson Eicke, in DECAMERON or THE VALKYRIE. He was part of the exhibition FENSTER ZUM KLO: PUBLIC TOILETS & PRIVATE AFFAIRS by Marc Martin at the Schwules Musuem in Berlin.
He’s now on tour with the performance THE ETHICS by Matthieu Hocquemiller.
He’s also part of the collective Pornceptual, and member of the curating team of the queer exhibition Instinct.

Nicky Miller is a Berlin based genderqueer interdisciplinary artist, specialising in films, performance, and creative writing. Originally born in St Brice-sous-Foret nearby Paris, France and of vietnamese origins, Nicky has also lived and worked extensively in New York City, and Brussels. LGBTQ+ sexualities and identities are at the core of Nicky’s work. Nicky’s work is redefining society’s perception of queer identities. Award wining and screened at many international Queer film festivals Nicky’s short-films portfolio includes work such as: Twisted Distinction, Levres Roses, Fisherman, Lemon Taste.

Kasra Rahmanian is a Berlin-based queer artist, curator and writer from Iran.

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