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instinct #15


WELZ _ Fuck your loneliness 03.JPG

fuck your loneliness _ exploring solitude

“If your loneliness fucks you, fuck it right back.”_ Dante Buu

Group exhibition

Curated by Dante Buu & Eric LeRouge

Berlin –  March 28th - April 14th 2024
Opening Thursday March 28 - 18:00

Loneliness can kill you. Scientists and nonscientists alike claim that you
can die of solitude. But we, the outcasts, dropouts and misfits of all kinds,
die a little each and every day; from this or that, but how we deal with it,
in the end, is in our power.  


fuck your loneliness _ exploring solitude sets out to delve into the
multi-faceted aspects of loneliness, combining intimate reflections and
bold engagements with bravado and resistance. From its wide array of visions, this group show asks: how can we come to grips with this
oft-tabooed and disregarded subject and be more compassionate and kind?


When does crippling loneliness slip into soothing strength where the vulnerabilities are fully acknowledged and embraced? Can we repair a severed connection with the world and enable a better understanding of
that very special (often very lonely) place each and every one of us inhabits?


Instinct, an essential constituent of the we are village project, has over the years evolved into an international network of artists, creatives, art players and volunteers invested in dialogue and aesthetic experimentation. Instinct always strives to confront pressing issues in our community – loneliness ranking high amongst them – while being deeply anchored in Berlin’s unique creative spirit.

Photo: Peter Welz 
Draft for 'Fuck Your Loneliness', 2020

archival UV print on primed canvas

Artists / confirmed
Natalija Vujošević
Finja Sander
Mazen Khaddaj
Natalija Vujošević
Nikita .A. Zhukovskiy Trachtenberg

Peter Welz
Thero Mamani Valles
Yiannis Pappas

Short film program (curated by Pierre Emö)
Jean Soldat _
the wanker / 2020 /12mn
Jean-Sébastien Chauvin _ sadness of the androids / 2011 / 9mn
Noel Alejandro_ forget me not / 2022 / 23 mn
Sarnt Utamachote_ I don’t want to be just a memory / 2024 / 20mn
Marc Martin_ mon crs / 2022 / 23mn

instinct at we.are.village

Kurfürstenstraße 31/32
10785 Berl

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