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Hinrich Kröger

Hinrich Kröger, born and raised in Berlin, is a painter and ceramic artist. 

Hinrich Kröger’s atelier is based in the heart of Berlin’s booming art market in Berlin-Mitte. Founded in 1996, it shows the artist’s own work which consists of paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

It's greyhounds and gigolos who are wearing old-fashioned haute couture at Hinrich Krögers studio, painted onto faiences, engobes, clays and porcelains. On a decorative wall plate, a French bulldog, painted gold and turquoise, seems to go cross-eyed while trying to throw lascivious looks at a tea service draped with golden pugs. In the shop window, large poodles with raspberry-red noses are sniffing each other on a floor vase, right next to Luigi – the sculpture of a well-endowed man, posing like a stripper with a tattooed erection, around which the whole figure pivots on something that looks very much like a cream cake.

His work as a ceramist is a synthesis of visual art and form where he skillfully and whimsically combines elements of painting with the shapes of pottery.


What desire means to me:

"To say it in the words of Arthur Rimbaud, Life is elsewhere"


image: Atelier Hinrich Kröger

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