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Hanna Schaich 

Hanna Schaich (she|they) (b. 1986) is a queer visual and performance artist. Post Grad. 2017, Brooklyn College, NYC;  MFA 2015 Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. 

At the center of the work lies the exploration of emotional worlds and the relation to current topics. Hanna’s pieces are a combination of both autobiographical and imagined stories that explore the complexity of humanity asking questions about intimacy, sexuality, freedom, identity and individual strategies for negotiating life inside capital. Striving to create works that speak to the viewer on a personal level.
Most recent works are characterised by the processing of autobiographical
trauma (sexual abuse, violence, forced 
institutionalisation) and the focus on being alive, regaining lust and breaking free from social coercive norms. Hanna’s works have been shown in galleries and other institutions nationally and internationally.


The work “Who are we if we are too afraid to be who you are?“ is connected to writings I did about my aunt who had AIDS and committed suicide with 29 end of the 90ies. Her story and how my family and society dealt with her and my observations of people dissolving, first emotionally and then physically had a huge impact on me. 

As a mean of “education“ I saw every stage of the my aunt disappearing, and then finally her body smashed and torn apart into pieces. 

The Piece is based on memories and very personal, but I do hope that while reading you can connect and might feel seen and heard. You as in many, you as in us. 

My aunt was obsessed with butterflies and when she died one butterfly was flying next to me on the way to her grave. It gave me hope and I understood that there is more. I loved my aunt, very much and didn't understand why she was treated the way she was treated, I was too young, but at some point I understood and it became clear while growing up. 

Being queer and starting with sexwork with 13 I understood how they made her and make us feel, was confronted with the loss of hope, disease, rape, injustice, violence and to keep sane I managed to keep writing, creating. Fast forward I still do so and use different medias and approaches to talk about grief, anger, loss but also about unity, pleasure, love and hope. Or to frame it different : a fight for acceptance (of the other), humanity and against stigma, moral and hate. 


Who are we, if we are too afraid to be who you are?
engraved mirror foil, 2023​

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