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Hanna Schaich 

Hanna Schaich (she|they) (b. 1986) is a Videoartist ,Immersive Performance Poet and Queer Pornfilmmaker.

Post Grad. (2017) Performance and interactive Media Arts, Brooklyn College, NYC;  MFA (2015) Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. 


Hanna’s pieces are a combination of both autobiographical and imagined stories that explore the complexity of humanity asking questions about intimacy, sexuality, freedom, identity and individual strategies for negotiating life inside capital. Striving to create works that speak to the viewer on a personal level. Most recent works are characterised by the processing of autobiographical trauma (sexual abuse, violence, forced institutionalisation) and the focus on being alive, regaining lust and breaking free from social coercive norms.


Hanna’s works have been shown in galleries and other institutions nationally and internationally and received numerous grants and artist residencies.


What desire means to me

Desire, for me, is an exploration of diverse yearnings, passions, and attractions, celebrating the beauty and complexity of non-normative identities and expressions. Wanting or longing for something and a possibility to inflame change.



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