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Gonzalo Orquín

Gonzalo Orquín was born in Seville in 1982, the city where he attended the University of Fine Arts.

Since 2006 he has lived in Italy, first in Perugia - where he studied at the Pietro Vanucci Academy -
and then in Rome, the city where he currently resides. Painter and artist, he loves working with different media, techniques and languages: oil on canvas, paper, photography, installation, street art.

‘‘For inBetween, I chose this diptych, inspired by Picasso. Playing with gender identity, and contemporary fluidity. These two versions of the portraits of Olga, Picasso’s first wife, in a “transvestite” version also represent an in-between image, between a immortal and famous image of Picasso’s wife, and a boy playing at putting on a skirt and being a muse.

The timelessness of the image, without reference to the time in which they were painted, also makes them suspended inbetween. There is nothing that makes
us understand when the image happens. The model seems to be very comfortable dressed as a woman, and concentrated in her thoughts.

The only furnishing elements are an armchair. The lo- cation and the surroundings where the scene happens are a mystery.’’

gonzalo orquin.jpeg

Portrait of Olga in an armchair_Oil on linen canvas_2018

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