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Florian Hetz

Florian Hetz is a Berlin-based artist who initially embarked on a career in theatre. However, his path took a different turn when he encountered memory loss due to encephalitis in 2007. In an effort to counteract this loss, Hetz turned to photography as a means of documenting his daily experiences during the recovery process. What started as a photographic diary gradually evolved into a creative exploration of memory itself.

By capturing images based on his memories, or the absence thereof, Hetz delves into the subjective nature of recollection. Through his work, he explores the fragmented and elusive nature of memory, offering viewers a glimpse into the intricate workings of the mind.

Hetz's artistic endeavours have resulted in the publication of three books, showcasing his unique perspective and artistic vision. His work has been widely exhibited both in group and solo shows, gaining international recognition for its evocative and thought-provoking nature.

Currently living and working in Berlin, Hetz continues to push the boundaries of photographic expression, and makes the audience reflect on the intricacies of memory and personal experience through his captivating visual narratives.


What desire means to me:
Desire is a motivator that often makes me take action in pursuit of fulfilling what i long for.


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