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Flavius Augustin

Flavius Augustin (b. 1991) is a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. He moved to Berlin in 2015 where he found himself exploring mediums such as fast sketches on the mobile phone and intuitive pop-inspired paintings, reflecting a world filled with anxiety, self-questioning, and self-discovery. He completed his studies (B.A.) at the Faculty of Arts and Design from the West University, Timisoara, Romania, after studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts (2013-2014, Graphic Design department). Besides his multidisciplinary design practice, his works––which include painting, drawing, and digital art––create a world of their own, sometimes based on the artist’s roots in Romania.
Themes like irony, homosexuality, duality and self-acceptance are present in his works, which oscillate between fast sketches on the phone’s screen, elaborate painting or digital prints. He’s still in the search of personal identity and comfort, therefore the different approaches in his series of works.

Flavius_Work_Hireslandscape_jpg (2).jpg

Flavius Augustin, Anencephalous 01, digital print on fabric, 2018

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