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Film Screening 

Saturday September 9th  19:00

Klappe (00:18)

directed by Matt Lambert

Vitium - Erika Lust Films, 2022

A gritty representation of the Berlin club culture and the sexiness and fun of it.

Berlin nightclub scene is known for its freedom and sexiness — the place to leave your inhibitions behind and let your inner desires take over. There's something so intuitively primal about learning about someone through their glance, scent, taste, and the feeling of being literally inside each other before anything else. There's a magic to this queered inversion of intimacy — fuck first, then meet. 

Deep Queer Massacre (00:28)

directed by Mathieu Morel, 2023

Horrific, sexy and brutal - tonight’s program is presented in seven parts, with thrilling murder in 3 dimensions : « listen to our pretty tale, poor little Billy watches his favorite film again and again, fantasizing, dreaming of being able to enter this castle in Normandy, to play with all these beautiful 

french actors... - is stabbing sex? » #goretastic

Cum As You Are (00:12)

directed by Hanna Schaich, 2022

The piece started after having flashbacks. I experienced all my rape and violent experiences again. But I could write my way out and so the Poem started. To gain control back I took Martial Arts classes and was researching a lot about female ejaculation to talk about stigma and how to gain lust back.

The poem I wrote talks about community, cause I believe we need to unite to stand up against  Utopian world and so I decided it needs to be a gang and the whole film should only include FLINTA* (stands for women, lesbians, intersexual, non-binary, trans and agender people - i.e. for all those who are patriarchally discriminated because of their gender identity) as cast and crew. Only together we are strong because the potential to stand up against violence, stigma and hate lies in finding common ground.

Refugees Welcome (00:22)

directed by Bruce LaBruce

Erika Lust Films, 2017

Moonif, a young Syrian man, leaves the refugee camp to wander the streets of Berlin. He starts to discover the city that feels alien to him. He embarks on a journey where he will confront outer dangers and inner desires.

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