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Ema Discordant

Emanuele Sturlese a.k.a. Ema Discordant reads, listens, travels and reassembles. He doesn’t pass by, he torments contexts with a caress. Claustrophobi- cally floating behind his pictures, portraying works of industrial death. Emanuele carves the inevitably decadent scenario of split-ended urban fringes with adhesive X-shaped gum sheets, luckily distant from disastrous post-industrial restyling. Recovering crumbling factories. Life. Between the stasis of an industrial landscape and the aseptic aesthetics of bodies in motion. Never decadent, never glossy, never, never pandering.

Based in Berlin right now where for almost fifteen years he has worked as resident photographer for several different queer events. Starting with Sabot*Age and Homopatik that then became respectively Gegen Berlin and Buttons.

He also curated photographic reports for SchwuZ, NightShift, Studio69, Riot and many other queer/ techno/wave events. He travelled a lot in the last six years and he tried to live in Mexico City where he

his work shown several times in different locations and where he became one of the “resident artists” of the gallery Art Space. Furthermore his work has been exhibited across the world in venues and galleries

in Berlin, Athens, London, Rome, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, Tijuana, Medellin, Lublin...


Queer Outkasts Ark Rave, 2020

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