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Dodi Espinosa

Dodi Espinosa (he|him) is an interdisciplinary artist who uses a wide variety of mediums to reflect on societal issues surrounding mental health, race, sexuality, identity, ecology, etc.
Espinosa believes in the transformative power of art and casts a glance at historical and current issues focusing on healing and mindful practices, social awakening, and activism.

Born in Mexico City, Espinosa was brought up in a region where art, shamanism and healing traditions where intertwined.
Now living in Antwerp, Belgium, Espinosa 
integrates this ideas through performance, installation, ceramics or crafts.

Inspired by archaeology, sacral art, pop and pre-hispanic cultures, Espinosa’s distinctly visual works disguise deeper messages. 

His work can be seen as both; socially engaged and confessional, rooted in his personal life experiences, but also as a queer and postcolonial critique of universal issues.

Over the last years Dodi has been following studies on mindful and healing practices like meditation in order to integrate rituals, teachings and workshops as part of his artistic practice.


Resurrection is the concept of coming back to life after death by reuniting the soul and the body. This hanging sculpture emphasizes the idea of rising towards life as an act of hope after overcoming death, a crisis or a catharsis in both ways;
individually and also as a collective.
The piece is hand made, executed in a brutal and expressive way with references to gothic art and mythology.


glazed black clay, 2023

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