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Desire in Words

Friday September 15th  19:00

Desire is lust, desire is need, desire
is dangerous, desire is loving. 

As part of Instinct #14, we are delighted to invite the Berlin Queer Writers Circle and authors from the Village Book Club to share their words of desire in fiction, erotica, essays and reflections. After the reading, the group will talk about how they approach writing about desire.

start at 19:00
door open at 18:30

• welcome and Introduction

• Readings. Each reader has 10 minutes.

• Break

• Group conversation about the process of writing about desire and any interesting themes that came up in the readings. 
• Questions-comments from the audience.

Alan Lessik

Alan Lessik–is a novelist, Zen practitioner, figure skater and queer activist. With an interest in how novels preserve queer culture, he has two published novels–The Troubleseeker and Make the Dark Night Shine–and his work has appeared in Lambda Literary, the Bay Area Reporter, and Advocate.

Alexandre Cheves

Alexander Cheves– is the author of My Love Is a Beast: Confessions from Unbound Edition Press. He writes the “Last Call” sex column in Out Magazine and contributes regularly to The Advocate and other LGBTQ publications. He is currently working as editor-in-chief of Hinterhaus, a Berlin nightlife magazine that will launch next year.

Andrew Marshal

Andrew Marshall– is a therapist and writer. He is the author of twenty self-help books that have been translated into twenty languages. His best known title is 'I Love You But I'm Not In Love With You'. He also hosts the Podcast, The Meaningful Life with Andrew G Marshall. Andrew is one of the founders of the Berlin Queer Writers Circle. and

David Le Guillermic

David Le Guillermic– is a Berlin-based Franco-British author and cultural correspondent for French broadsheet Libération. He co-curates the Village’s monthly Movie Night and is currently working on two literary projects on queer working-class youths in the Paris urban peripheries.

Marco Astolfi

Marco Astolfi–is a literature translator, a writer and a faerie from Italy. Based in Berlin, he co-hosts the Village Heart Circle for GBTQ men as well as hosting the Book Club meetings. He’s currently working on his novel My Big Bro. 

Nikolaj Tange Lange

Nikolaj Tange Lange–is a musician, porn actor, and a former member of the Copenhagen queer art collective 'dunst'. Since 2018 he has published four novels in Danish, primarily about Berlin subcultures, from gay chemsex to anti-German Antifas.

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