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Coral Short & Jean P’ark

Coral Short (they|them) was born on a beautiful island off the west coast of Canada
and was raised by a lively river in the countryside where their family lived off the land. Coral has been traveling and creating art in Asia, North America, and Europe for over 20 years.
They believe that art has the possibility to 
open up new states

of existence.Through their practice, they attempt to remind the world that magic exists all around us on a continual basis, and that in fact, we are already a part of its infrastructure. The essence of their collaborative work is expansive and transformative. Coral’s work evokes somatic joy, curiosity and wonderment.


Jean P’ark (they|them) is a musician and sound artist from Berlin, Germany.

They are playing in different projects as well as solo with the focus on the creation of atmospheres and varying moods, always questioning how the produced sounds influence the (well-) being of themselves and other organisms. Furthermore they work in the field of dance, movement and performance and create sound for films, videos and installations.

Floral Sleep (description)

Coral and Jean will empower you to create intimate sonic sanctuaries with plants and flowers. We will begin with an opening circle, then the sound/ performance artists will guide the audience through a relaxing and grounding ASMR meditation creating a resonant field. This experience acts as a sonic massage for the parasympathetic nervous system of the body. This experience allows for relaxation and gently helps to slow us down to become closer to nature in this urban environment. Different sound combinations and noises create a multiplicity of feelings and healings via reverberations throughout the body. The participants will split into small groups to learn to give and receive this sonic somatic interconnections with foliage. The group will have time to give feedback about the sensations of sound offerings afterwards. Healing, rest and death can be seen within this work which honors bodies to create a collective coregulation.


Floral Sleep
illustration of the workshop

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