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There is no simple way of defining it and it’s never been more controversial. MACHO is something we all recognise instantly. 

What does MACHO mean in the context of the 21st century and our new understandings of gender? 
Is there a place between embrace and rejection where we can take a more subtle stance than simply love or hate, attack or defence? 
Can we create a shared space to play creatively with an iconic behavioural and visual component of our collective cultural history? 


instinct #6 - MACHO? is a playground for both artist and observer to examine their feelings about maleness, masculinity, and machismo. 

Eric LeRouge.

instinct. #6 features international and Berlin based artists from a variety of disciplines, including painting, photography, drawing, sound, performance & video. 


Opening: Friday September – 6pm

More info to come

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